Naming Slugs In WordPress

What Are Slugs and How To Name Them

Find out what slugs are in WordPress, how they affect SEO, what they do, and how to properly name them.
The Best Free WordPress Theme

The Best Free WordPress Theme in 2020

Find out what the best free WordPress theme in 2020 is and why it's perfect for your WordPress site.
Manual WordPress Installation Guide

How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step Guide 2020

Learn how to install WordPress manually. Complete step-by-step tutorial for beginners.
Medium Vs. Wordpress

Medium Vs. WordPress – The Best Blog Platform in 2020

Medium Vs. Wordpress - What is the best blog/article platform for you in 2020. Find out which platform is the best for you with this article.
Finding WordPress Page ID

How To Find WordPress Page ID or Post ID – Quick Guide (2020)

Learn step-by-step how to find your page ID or post ID in WordPress. Our concise visual guide that is tailored for beginners makes it fast and easy.
WordPress System Limits Guide

How To Increase WordPress Memory Limit & Upload Max Size

Learn how to increase your Wordpress Memory Limit, Max Upload File Size, Max Post Size, Max Execution Time, PHP Max Input Vars, and PHP Max Input Time.
WordPress Plugins Choosing Guide

How To Choose WordPress Plugins In 2020

Learn how to choose the right WordPress plugin for your business today. What to look for and how to make the right choice when picking WordPress plugins.
WordPress Backend Speed Optimization Guide

How To Speed Up WordPress Backend – Step by Step Guide 2020

Learn step-by-step how to improve the speed of your WordPress dashboard or admin panel.
Why Choosing WordPress

What is WordPress Used For – Choosing WordPress In 2020

Discover what is WordPress used for and when to choose WordPress. Learn the advantages of the most popular CMS and when to use it in your project.

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