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Starting a business online has always been a challenging task. Most startups don’t know from where to start and how to find the right talents to work with them.

Big dreams with tight budgets. Does that sound familiar? Well, we have been there and we understand the journey of a startup company very well. The challenges and what it takes to make it work.

Here at, we have invested years of work to develop for you the most perfect solution for your startup business.

Keep reading below to learn more how you can make your business thrive quickly and affordably.

Online Business Requirements

Online Business Development Challenges


It requires smart web developers to establish your website and online presence.


It requires talented designers to design your assets and define your brand’s spirit.


It requires digital marketers to promote your brand and establish its authority level.

The Core Problem

The Problem Of Online Startups

The core problem that startup businesses face lies in the cost. Hiring a team online or offline costs a lot if the team has the right experience.

They basically have the following options.

Option #1 – Hiring employees locally:

Hiring only three employees that can cover the above three core tasks would cost at least ($1,500 x 3 = $4,500 USD).

We all know that this is far from enough since three employees can not build a proper business.

Option #2 – Hiring a company:

This might be a better cost-effective solution, but it would still cost a few thousand to get the above three roles done. Besides that, most companies that offer services are only specialized in one task (development, design, or marketing).

The ones that can do all three core tasks deliver mediocre results or charge much more than local employees.

Option #3 – Hiring freelancers:

This is by far the most cost-effective solution since freelancers charge the least. However, as we all know, freelancers with low fees have little experience and deliver low quality work.

That would be affordable but will also contribute to the failure of the startup in a direct way.

Freelancers develop websites with bugs, design low-quality assets from templates, and have no real experience in marketing. If they had experience in marketing, they would not work as freelancers from the start but instead, invest in their own brand.

Top experienced freelancers charge even more than local qualified employees.

Option #4 – Do it yourself:

For a business owner to do it himself, he needs experience in everything, and that is totally counter-productive, and it rarely ever works.

It also requires years to master the right skills. Even then, he would still need a marketing team since one or two individuals can not do marketing effectively.

What's The Solution?

The Solution

If hiring freelancers is a bad option and hiring staff is an expensive one, then what’s the solution?

Well, we have one for you!


Labinator Online Business (LOB) Builder


It is your long-awaited solution to solve this problem once and for all.

The LOB Builder is crafted intelligently by our experts leveraging our networks of talented staff and partners to deliver the most professional, modular, flexible solution to startups.

This solution is both premium and affordable. We understand the pain of startups and the challenges they face. They need highly professional work to compete, but they don’t have the budget to hire the staff that can make it happen.

Well, not anymore! Your search is over—everything your startup needs in one portal – affordably and professionally.

What’s Included?

The LOB Builder has everything you need, including:

  • Complete Website Design & Development.
  • Complete App Design & Development.
  • Complete Digital Marketing.

Everything is modular, customizable, and perfectly suited for your needs.

Why Labinator?

Expert Skills

Expert Skills

We follow the latest trends and best modern approaches in creation and promotion. We have as well our own products and systems.

Real Experience

Real Experience

We did it before – and many times! Every member of our team has at least 8 years of experience in his specialty.

Warm Support

Warm Support

We treat our clients as real partners and we support them even before choosing us.

Flexible Packages

WordPress Website Development

LOB Website Builder

  • Professional website development.
  • Professional elegant website design.
  • WCAG 2.1 & ADA compliant accessible design.
  • Mobile-based version.
  • Ultimate fortress security.
  • Extreme speed optimization.
  • Shopping cart and membership portal integration.
  • Professional support and updates for 30 days.

Starting from $1,600

WordPress Website Optimization

LOB Website Optimizer

  • Complete website speed optimization.
  • Complete website security.
  • Complete technical SEO optimization.
  • Complete website design evaluation.
  • Complete web accessibility evaluation.
  • Professional technical consultation.
  • Custom digital marketing plan.
  • Online business consultation.


Pillar Content Writing

LOB Content Writing

  • Original Pillar Content Writing.
  • Professional native English writers.
  • Correctly checked with Grammarly Pro.
  • Proofread by content experts in your niche.
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO.
  • Written and optimized for optimal conversion rate.
  • Optional images and infographics.
  • Optional posting to your WordPress blog.
  • Content planning and marketing strategy.
  • Monthly subscriptions are also available.

$50 Per 800 Words

Sales Page Design

LOB Sales Page Design

  • Elegant long-form sales page design.
  • Premium illustrations and graphics.
  • Specialized content writing.
  • Proofread by marketing professionals.
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO.
  • Expertly verified for web accessibility.
  • Thoroughly created for maximum conversion.
  • Complete website analysis.
  • Complete website optimization.
  • Customized marketing strategy.

$950 Per Page

Digital Marketing

LOB Digital Marketing

  • Custom digital marketing plan.
  • Specialized technical SEO.
  • Complete competition analysis.
  • Detailed keywords research. 
  • Complete on-page SEO.
  • Relevant link building & manual outreach.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Complete ASO and app marketing.
  • Conversion rate optimization and consultation.

Starting from $790

Website Manager

LOB Website Manager

  • Complete website speed optimization.
  • Complete website security.
  • Complete technical SEO optimization.
  • Complete website conversion evaluation.
  • Complete web accessibility evaluation.
  • Professional technical consultation.
  • Free access to our WordPress marketplace.
  • Daily Updates & Backups.
  • Expert Consultation & Technical Support.
  • Digital Marketing Consultation.

$990 Per Year

Looking For Small WordPress Gigs?

WordPress Gigs

Here at, we understand that not all businesses or startups require complete services.

For this reason, we also provide a wide list of quick and small gigs that you can order for your business or website.

  • Premium themes and plugins installation and customization.
  • Integration of third-party services or tools.
  • Custom technical support.

Get in touch with us with your needs and we will surely be able to help.

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