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Complete WordPress Maintenance & Management Service

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Labinator WordPress Autopilot is our complete WordPress website maintenance and management service that includes everything you need.

Our team of WordPress developers and experts will take care of your website by speeding it up, securing it, updating it, monitoring it, arranging its backups, and much more!

We will maintain it and help you with all your technical questions while granting you access to all of our products. It is simply all of our services combined under one subscription service.

Main Features

Uptime Website Monitoring

Complete Website Security

Complete Speed Optimization

Complete Website Analysis

Complete Website Optimization

Expert Consultation

Complete Daily Backups

Daily Updates

Fast Web Hosting

Digital Marketing Consultation

Lifetime Access To All Products

No Action From Your Side

Features In Details

Everything You Need In One Package

Our team will completely analyze your website before starting our work. This covers the following:

  • Complete SEO Analysis
  • Complete Content Analysis
  • Complete Security Analysis
  • Complete Speed Analysis
  • Complete Website Technical Analysis

After analyzing your website, our team of experts will secure your website. You can check all the details of this premium service at this link.

In summary, it covers the following:

  • Scan your Website for Malware, Viruses, and Spam
  • Secure your Database
  • Secure your .htaccess file
  • Secure your File Systems
  • Secure your Login Page
  • Tune your Backups
  • Deny the Bad Query Strings
  • Block all Hotlinks
  • Enable the Advanced Character String Filter
  • Check your (robots.txt) file
  • Gain Protection against Spam comments and Trackbacks
  • Gain Protection against all Vulnerabilities and Loopholes
  • Gain Protection against Brute Force Attacks
  • Gain Protection against Fake Internet Bots
  • Gain Protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Install and Configure an Advanced Firewall
  • Activate the 6G Firewall Security Protection Rules
  • Optional Installation and Integration of the CloudFlare CDN
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Continuous Monitoring for Malware
  • Labinator’s Security Badges and Trust Seals

We have the best WordPress experts that are dedicated to speed up your website or blog to achieve better user experience, engagement, and sales. This service will also fix any problems or issues that relate to your WordPress or those that affect your website speed.

Covering More Than 17+ Different Factors:

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript.
  • Browser caching.
  • Cache validation.
  • Combining images using CSS sprites.
  • Images optimization.
  • Removing query strings from static resources.
  • Minifying CSS.
  • Minifying HTML.
  • Minifying JavaScript.
  • Enabling gzip compression.
  • Checking bad requests.
  • Checking characters set in the meta tag.
  • Checking landing page redirects.
  • Minimizing redirects.
  • Minimizing request size.
  • Optimizing the order of styles and scripts.
  • Serving resources from a consistent URL.
  • Checking CSS @import.

More details can be found at this link.

After analyzing, securing, and speeding up your website, we will start taking care of it and implementing updates on it as soon as they become available.

Covering all of the following:

  • Get instant core WordPress updates as soon as they get released.
  • Get instant updates for your plugins and themes (including the premium ones).
  • Get instant security updates as soon as they are tested and verified by our team.

Your website will always be on the bleeding edge without worrying about compatibility issues or security flaws.

Complete snapshots or complete daily cloud backups will be available to you in case you need to roll back, migrate your site, or recover from a technical issue. The updates are Incremental, reliable, verified, and properly tested by our WordPress experts and trusted clients.

Our team of web developers and WordPress experts will monitor the status of your server and the availability of your website online to make sure it is always available, secure, and free of any technical problems. You will receive a notification instantly when your hosting provider fails to deliver.

Covering the following:

  • 404 Page Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • 24/7 Server State Monitoring

As part of the subscription, we will also host your website if you don’t have an active web hosting service. We are currently cooperating with HostArmada to provide you with a supreme fast hosting plan.

  • – Fast Servers With SSD
  • – Free Website Migration
  • – Ultimate Security & DDoS Protection
  • – Great Speed & Super Caching
  • – Free SSL Certificates
  • – Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our team will provide you with expert technical consultation and support anytime you face a problem with your website. We will also direct you to the right path and be your technical advisor.

Our professional digital marketers will also assist you and help you in revising your marketing plan if you ever need to. We will also check your website search engine optimization (SEO) status and advise you on how you can improve your rankings and traffic. We will also provide you with the best resources and analysis reports depending on your website’s needs.

The moment you subscribe, you will also get lifetime access to all of our themes, plugins, and GPL vault. Everything you need to build your online business will be ready for you.

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