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WordPress Speed Optimization Guide

The Importance Of Speed Optimization

Why increasing the speed matters so much?

First impressions count. The advantages of a fast website are numerous, but the main three major advantages are as follows:

Better User Experience

It is nicely recorded: individuals adore sites that are quick and despite the slow. Thus, for optimum user experience, you need to care about the speed of your website. Slow site load times are among the biggest contributing aspects to site desertion and high bounce rates. According to a report by Kissmetrics, 47% of consumers anticipate a website page to load within two seconds. If it does not, they are unlikely to stay around.


Improved Search Engine Ranks

Google suggested the significance of a website speed to improve ranking since (2010). Google declared that website speed is a variable that determines your site ranking. Google heads an initiative termed "Make the Web Faster," offering a variety of resources and tools designed to help webmasters and programmers build sites that are quicker.
Yahoo! keeps extensive resources for web performance optimization in the Yahoo! Developer Network, and has additionally been a very long time supporter of a blazing fast internet.


Higher Conversion Rates

There's been a notable volume of research conducted on businesses' bottom line into the impact of a website speed. The most famous statistics are from Amazon, which reported an increase of 1% revenue in page speed for every 100-millisecond development.

Likewise, Mozilla released data showing that Firefox downloads rose by 15.4%, as a direct consequence of decreasing the average page load time by 2.2 seconds.


Best WordPress Speed Optimization Tips

Update Everything. Right Away!

Updating plugins, themes, and your content management system helps in increasing the speed as every update/upgrade brings functionality, stability, and performance improvements.


Don't Use Bloated Themes

Occasionally, the reason a WordPress site loads slowly may be because of the theme. Perhaps its code is bloated or it does not use the best practices of WordPress development.

It is recommended to start with the default WordPress themes or pick a theme from one of the top rated developers.


Limit The Number Of Running Plugin

Determine the plugins you use most frequently and always update them. Delete those you do not use, because every plugin, even the new ones, presents a security risk which may not be known now.


Use Cache Plugins

A caching plugin can help in speeding up your website and compressing your content. There are many available caching plugins in the market, the top free ones are:

W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and Comet Cache.


Optimize Pictures

Pictures can slow down sites, particularly uncompressed and non-optimized ones. There are a few methods to counter this:

  • Crop your images to the right size and compress them before uploading them to your server.
  • Use a free plugin or a premium service for optimizing and compressing your images. There are a number of good plugins in the market that can help in doing that. The most popular ones are as follows: WP SmushEWWW Image Optimizer, and Imagify Image Optimizer


Use Text Ads

Advertisements slow down WordPress. Ads can be a picture, text, or java -script established and may be hosted on your server or someplace else.

Solve slow loading advertisements by going with the link or text choice. See whether you can host them yourself, in the event that you need to use pictures.


Change Hosting Company

Do a little analysis on various hosting firms. Send each hosting business an e-mail before making your selection and learn about their response time and customer support.

See whether your hosting business utilizes Google's mod_pagespeed and activates it. It's going to configure your server for speed.

Online instruments like GTMetrix and Pingdom can help.


Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Another great technique is to use content delivery networks to optimize the speed and security of your websites. A content delivery network is basically a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet. The main advantage of a content delivery network is to serve data with high performance. One recommended CDN is Cloudflare.


Professional WordPress Speed Optimization

Hire The Experts!

If you are looking for a professional service that can fully optimize your website and speed it up to the maximum point, then you can check our complete WordPress speed optimization service.

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