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Best Web Hosting Provider

Fast Servers With SSD

Automatic Daily Backups

Free Website Migration

Anti-Spam + Anti-Hack Systems

Ultimate Security & DDoS Protection

Free SSL Certificates

Automatic Instant Updates

Great Speed & Super Caching

Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Perfect For WordPress

Very Affordable Plans

24/7 Expert Live Support

HostArmada is a well reputable web hosting company that provides shared, cloud, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated hosting plans at very affordable rates.

In addition to all the features that you might find in other top-rated hosting companies, HostArmada provides unlimited Free SSL certificates and their cPanel fully supports (Let’s Encrypt) SSL certificates by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

HostArmada has won our top web hosting provider award for 2021 for the following reasons:

● They have fast servers with guaranteed uptime that meet the needs of all websites, including those with extremely high traffic volumes.

● They provide free daily backups to keep your data safe and secure.

They provide free SSL certificates with security, DDoS protection, and spam prevention.

● They provide free CDN with varnish caching and Memcached for the best possible caching, speed, and website performance.

● They provide a free domain name and the ability to host unlimited websites with unmetered data transfer.

● They provide full e-commerce solutions, including shopping cart installation, wildcard SSL certificates, and PCI Compliance.

● They provide geeky tools for professionals, including Free SSH, SFTP access, pre-installed of Git, and WP-CLI support.

● Extremely scalable hosting that grows with your business from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

● It has very affordable rates that do not increase with renewals, unlike other hosting companies.

● They have dedicated professional WordPress support.

● They provide excellent 24/7 technical support through phone, email, and live chat.

● They have top ratings across a wide range of review websites with thousands of positive testimonials.

Best SEO & Marketing Tool

Detailed Analytics Reports

Keywords Research

Full Site Auditing

Backlinks Analysis

Video Advertising Research

SMM & SEO Toolkits

SEMrush is a combination of digital marketing tools that cover all aspects of competition research, backlinks analysis and website auditing along with many other useful SEO tools.

SEMrush has won our top premium SEO award for 2021 for the following reasons:

● Detailed analytics reports that covers organic research, advertising research, display advertising research, video advertising research, backlinks research, keyword research and product listing ads.

● A wide range of top-notch SEO tools that cover all stages of search engine optimization.

● Complete website auditing with complete on-page and off-page SEO analysis.

● Advanced social media marketing tool for tracking and optimizing your campaigns.

● Ability to generate reports, visual charts, and comparison tables.

● Logical pricing system that suits digital marketing agencies and professional consultants.

● High quality video tutorials and expert SEO tips for your brand and online business.

Best Social Media Management Tool

Engage Across Multiple Social Platforms

Analyze Data Across Multiple Channels

Monitor Your Social Campaigns

Detailed Reports

Automation Tools

Concierge Services

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media marketing tool for creating, managing, automating and tracking your social campaigns. It also allows you to engage with your new customers or clients across multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram). In addition to all that, there is a special white label option available for agencies and marketing firms.

SocialBee has won our top social media marketing tool award for 2021 for the following reasons:

Category-Based Evergreen Posting: Categorize your content to save time when creating your posts. Schedule with categories in mind, to get the best content mix across all your social profiles, just like the best social media marketers do. Repost (recycle) your top evergreen content to save even more time.

Add Content Easily To All Your Social Networks: Use our advanced RSS functionality, multiple import features, browser extension or Zapier integration to add content automatically. SocialBee also offers amazing concierge service that allocates a social media expert to create content for you.

Custom URL & Tracking: Use our or your short domains to make your links smarter and better looking at the same time. Track your results with easily customizable UTM settings. Pixel your audience to retarget them across the web, and more.

Stunning Concierge Services: They offer an amazing set of services that cover all your social media needs. That allows you to put your social media platform on autopilot, the right way!

Best Writing Assistant

Spelling & Grammar Checker

Clarity & Tone Checker

Presentation & Engagement Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Citations Generator

Available On Browser & Desktop

From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. You’ll get suggestions from Grammarly as you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing. Grammarly is a writing assistant that goes deeper than grammar to offer you comprehensive writing feedback. You can be confident that your writing is not only correct, but clear and concise, too. When you register your account, your also receive a personalized writing report each week to help you track your progress and identify improvement areas.

Grammarly has won our top writing assistant award for 2021 for the following reasons:

● Detect Your Tone: Grammarly’s built-in tone detector helps you figure out how your message will come across to readers. That means you’ll have the opportunity to add a little more confidence, friendliness, or whatever the situation calls for before you hit send.

● High-Quality Writing: A spelling checker can catch typos. A grammar checker can catch grammatical mistakes. But good writing is more than just proper grammar and spelling. Grammarly helps you fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, and it can also help you revise sentences that are grammatically correct but wordy and unclear.

● Available Everywhere: You can run Grammarly on your browser or operating system. It can also scan your text from most websites including Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and millions of others. Once you add Grammarly to your browser, you’ll start seeing writing suggestions as you type.

● Trusted By Millions Of Users: Business professionals, students, writers, bloggers, and plenty of people who just want to write better trust Grammarly to help them produce their best work.

● Go Beyond With Grammarly Premium: When you really have to make an impression, Grammarly Premium can help you elevate the quality of your writing through word choice, tone, and style-specific writing suggestions. Grammarly Premium can also help you detect plagiarism and add citations.

Best WordPress Plugins

Best Browser Extensions