Website To Mobile App Conversion Service


Convert your website to mobile apps quickly and affordably using our complete all-in-one website to app conversion service. All the features you need in one package covering the conversion to both Android and iOS apps.

All of our services are white-labeled, making them perfect for freelancers, agencies, and resellers. Get your website expertly converted today and own all the source codes without restrictions or limitations.


Website To Android App

We'll convert your website and all its functions to an Android app

Website To iOS App

We'll convert your website and all its functions to an iOS app

Features & Benefits

Instant Updates

Instant updates with your website

Custom App Icon

The app will feature your own brand's icon

Custom Splash Screen

The app will feature your own splash screen

Push Notifications

Ability to add push notifications

Integrate Ad Network

Ability to integrate an advertising network like AdMob

Get All Files

Get all the files of your app including the source codes

Free App Submission

We can submit your app to the Google Play and Apple Stores.

Professional Support

Ultimate professional support during and after delivery


Our professional team at Labinator will convert your website to an Android and iOS apps which you can publish to any app store of your choice. We can also handle your app submission free of charge as part of the service.


Main Features:

  • Instant updates - Your app will get updated automatically with your website.
  • Custom app icon.
  • Custom start-up splash screen.
  • Ability to add push notifications.
  • Ability to integrate an Ad network with your app (e.g. AdMob).
  • Receive all the source codes and executable files (.apk and .ipa).
  • Free app submission service to Google Play and Apple Store.


Note 1: Google Play Developer and Apple Store accounts are required for submitting your newly created app.

Note 2: We also provide expert custom native app development services upon request.


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