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Convert your website to mobile apps quickly and affordably using our complete all-in-one website to app conversion service. All the features you need in one package.

All of our services are white-labeled, making them perfect for freelancers, agencies, and resellers. Get your website expertly converted today and own all the source codes without restrictions or limitations.


Features & Benefits


Our professional team at Labinator will convert your website to an Android app that you can publish to any app store of your choice including Google Play.

Main Features:

  • Instant updates - Your app will get updated automatically with your website.
  • Custom app icon.
  • Custom start-up splash screen.
  • Internet connection detection.
  • Receive all the source codes and executable files (.apk).

Note 1: A Google Play developer account is required for submitting your newly created app.

Note 2: We will provide you with resources that will aid you in submitting your app but our team is not responsible for your app submission or its approval since you need to do it from your own account. Having said that, we will thoroughly check your website to see if it is qualified for submission even before working on your order.



1After convering my website to app, how would it look like?
Mainly, the native app will embed a browser that will render the mobile responsive version of your website.Your website has to be responsive to be qualified for this service. Our team will check your website before the start of the service.
2Would you submit the app for me?
The app submission should happen on your own developer's account. It is a straightforward process that does not require any technical skills. Our team can help you as well through the process by sending you links to online tutorials.
3What do I need to submit the app?
For the Google Play store, you only need a developer's account and a properly signed version of the APK file.
4How to update my app after the conversion service?
You simply need to update your website as usual and the app will instantly render the latest updated version.
5Do you support iOS apps?
We don't build or support iOS apps. We use Linux systems at Labinator and only work with open-source solutions.
6How much does it cost?
It costs $149 and the service includes everything mentioned on this page.

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