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App Marketing Guide

In a world that is filled with more new apps than most people know what to do with, knowing how to market your app has taken on added importance. If you'd like to stand among the crowd and ensure that your app ends up in the hands of the right people, be sure to follow this helpful step by step guide for app marketing.


Before Launching Your App


Step 1: Create The Best Possible Application


The first step is to build a robust app that satisfies the following points:

  • Your app should be properly tested and free from clear technical errors.
  • Your app should have a good design and friendly user interface.
  • Your app should have a clear objective and purpose.
  • You should decide on the type of app that you will be launching (paid, freemium, or paymium).
  • You should also plan the monetization method that needs to be applied.



Step 2: Preparations


The process of marketing an app begins long before it is released to the general public. The decisions that are made before the launch set the table for the level of success that can be achieved by the developers. Having a strong knowledge of the target audience works wonders and there are a number of areas that need to be addressed during the planning stages.


Section 1 - Selecting A Name:

This one may seem simple, but in reality, it is much more complicated. The name that is chosen will often make or break the success of the app and if it is not memorable, the app gets lost in the shuffle. Coming up with a name that is rich in keywords, while retaining its cool and not infringing on any established trademarks is tougher than it seems.


Section 2 - Choosing The Correct Keywords:

Choosing the right keywords for your app is a mandatory task. You need to choose relevant keywords that match up with the purpose of your app. Your keyword should be mentioned intelligently in your app title while keeping it clear and concise. Every keyword you choose must be analyzed in terms of relevancy, search volume, and competition level. There are also many online tools both free and premium that facilitate this task. Check up the resources section at the end of this article for a complete list of app keyword research tools.


Section 3 - Researching Competitors:

After deciding on a name and the keywords, it is time to research the competition. What do the highest ranking companies in your chosen field have in common? What features do they offer? Once you are aware of the competition and what they are able to provide, narrow it down to the top four or five and focus your attention on apps that are receiving five-star reviews.


Section 4 - Category Management:

To ensure your app's ability to make it to the top of the charts, you must choose the correct category. You may want to choose a category where your app will have less competition and be able to make a dent on the charts more quickly while other companies will have the confidence to compete with the big boys. Calculating which approach will work best for your app and select the most relevant category is a key step.


Section 5 - Creating an Icon and Screenshots:

The icon serves as the first impression that your app will make on the public consciousness. An icon that stands out leads to a far greater click through rate, which adds greater incentive to create one that is truly eye-popping. Once you've gotten a potential consumer to come to your app's detail page, the screenshot used should be exciting and informative. Screenshots need to be fun, they need to convey how the app is used and they must also draw the eye.


Section 6 - App Store Optimization (ASO):

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. It is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) but it is directed towards apps instead of websites. The main objective of ASO is to rank high in an app store's search results in order to drive more organic downloads to your application. Make sure as well to check our ultimate ASO guide for more information about this topic.


How To Design Your App


Marketing Your App


Stage 1: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing and promoting your content on social and media websites. The most popular social media networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. The most recommended one among this list is Facebook marketing and advertising. Facebook allows you to advertise easily and target the right audience for your application. It is affordable and extremely effective when done right. Generally speaking, SMM is a continuous process that never ends, however starting with Facebook advertising is the wisest choice when it comes to app marketing. Check as well our social media marketing guide for more techniques and best practices concerning this topic.


Stage 2: Incentive-Based Advertising

Incentive-based advertising is among the best ways to get an instant boost in your app's downloads and reviews. You can tap into the incentive advertising networks right away or you can hire an app marketing agency to do the work for you.


Stage 3: Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Advertising

All search engines provide CPC platforms like Google Adwords and Bing ads. You can take advantage of those advertising platforms by promoting your app and targeting the right keywords that relate to your niche.


Stage 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing and marketing your own responsive website is always an advantage when it comes to app marketing. Develop a website for your brand or app and optimize that website properly.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of optimizing your website for search engines in order to attain higher ranks. There are many online resources and guides online that teach SEO. You can also check our monster on-page SEO guide and link building guide to learn in-depth about all that.


Stage 5: Bloggers Outreach

Connect with other bloggers and submit your app for review on relevant sites that match up with your app's niche. The more you connect with influencers and bloggers in your niche and field, the higher your authority level will be along with your app's conversion rate.


Stage 6: Press Releases (PR)

Press Releases (PR) is the best way to generate real buzz for your app. You can publish a press release on the launch day of your app or you can publish a press that explains the main benefits of your application. You'll be able to tell a story about how your app came about and what's so special about it. If you don't know how to write your own press release, you can hire a press release agency or an independent press release writer to publish it up for you.


Stage 7: Apply For App Awards

Apply for app awards is another way to get extra exposure, authority, and downloads. Winning in such competitions though would highly depend on your app's design and idea. Nevertheless, it is always worth the shot. Check up the resources section at the end of this article to download our complete list of app awards websites.


Stage 8: Content Marketing

By definition, Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience in order to drive profitable customer action.Content marketing includes blog posts, e-books, summary sheets, workbooks, templates, white papers, reports, infographics, slideshows, videos, and case studies. You can also mix content marketing with social media marketing for best possible results.


Stage 9: Tracking, Analysis, and Support

You should always track your app's results, and analyze your traffic to learn more about your audience and fans. It is always advised as well to provide free support to your users to keep them engaged with your brand and products.


A Visual Guide For App Promotion


Practical Expert Advice For App Marketing

As an experienced internet marketer, I understand well that some readers might consider the above steps bit discouraging due to the amount of work required to put them all in action. However, you don't need to tackle with everything at once! You can start with few marketing methods initially before moving on to other forms. I have included below the top marketing methods that you can start with to get immediate positive results.
  • Step 1: Master the art of ASO. Check up our Google Play ASO Guide.
  • Step 2: Get an immediate boost with advertising. Check up our Android incentive app advertising page.
  • Step 3: Facebook Advertising. Click here for more details.
  • Step 4: Move on to any marketing method or strategy of your choice. Check also our complete app marketing service by clicking here.

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