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Best Social Media Marketing Guide For 2020

Social Media Marketing Guide

Facebook Marketing Guide


Part 1: Introduction To Facebook Marketing

Today’s world is dominated by the use of social media. It’s a tool used often, to publicize things. So why not use social media to publicize your business model or a product, a powerful marketing tool?

We all know for a fact that Facebook is the most used social networking site. People of all age groups, from teenagers to adults engage in “Facebooking”. Thus, Facebook can be used as a powerful tool for marketing anything to a wider span of society, considering the fact that it is the most used social networking site. Let us take a look at how Facebook can be used to your marketing advantage.

It is very important to first know what you want from your Facebook marketing campaign and the age groups and people you are targeting. A rough idea can be obtained by asking yourself “What would I want to see in an advertisement which would sway my mind into the promotion campaign?” Then it is important to know how much success is enough success. If you want to increase your brand awareness, it is wise to increase the number of “likes” for the page.

Contests and other campaigns which will involve users’ participation will make you realize how many people are willing to endorse and welcome your brand.

The next step is to know your limitations. Ad campaigns should comply with the rules of the site and not hurt anyone’s sentiments in any way, nor should it compare with other brands, creating a stir between different companies. Rather the campaign should create healthy competition in the sphere and help people make up their mind.

Since Facebook asks users to enlist their specific interests, where they work and what not, it is good to be precise with your campaign to target customers. This may include owners of businesses of various scales and types.

Using the versatility of Facebook features is another key factor to the success of the marketing campaign. The new timeline feature aids in adding a cover photo, which can be used to appease the user. Also, actions speak louder than words. That said, pictures come closest in that respect, which people can relate to more than statuses. Then comes the promoted posts, something which makes your Facebook update stay longer on a user’s newsfeed. They appear on the feed of your fan’s friends and people with similar interests.

It is most important to give your fans a reason to follow your brand. This involves not being repetitive with content and making your page look fresh. Considering visual appeal is key. Any fan would like to see a neat, colorful Facebook page to market your brand.

These are few of the variety of marketing gimmicks which can be employed on Facebook to market your product. At the end of the day, it is all down to your creativity and instincts while marketing your product!


Part 2: How To Get More Likes On Facebook

How to get Facebook likes

Twitter Marketing Guide


Part 1: Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

Tip #1: Share Valuable High-Quality Content

By sharing high-quality content that is made and personalized especially for your business, you will be increasing the number and quality of your visitors and followers. Don’t rely on automatic tools! Develop your own quality Content.


Tip #2: Use Relevant Keywords in your Tweets

By choosing relevant keywords to your niche and directing users to the right content, you will be increasing the targeted traffic to your website.


Tip #3: Share Links to Relevant Trusted Sources

Don’t link out to non-authority websites or sources you are not well sure of their content. Always link to trusted sources that add quality to your tweets.


Tip #4: Connect with the Right Ones that Matches up  with your Niche

Keep your circles clean and connect with the right people that share with your business or page common settings or services. Tweet with them and spread your stuff to the community.


Tip #5: Add Links to your Own Website

Each time you publish a new post or page, make sure to add a tweet about it and a backlink to it from your twitter account.


Tip #6: Using Hash-Tags to initiate Momentum around your Company or Brand

Reward your followers when they participate in your tweets and posts by reposting or retweeting them or featuring their posts on your site.


Tip #7: Help Others and Everyone will Like you!

Helping others whether on Twitter or Facebook proves that it attracts more fans and followers to your brand. Be helpful, share the knowledge.


Tip #8: Take Advantage of Existing Tools and Services

Use professional websites like (Sendible) to plan, organize and automate easily your posts.


Tip #9: Design a Professional Background and Headers for your Twitter Profile

Design matters! you must have a custom design on your page that differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.


Tip #10: Create New Promotions and Appealing offers

Make contests, create offers and organize marketing campaigns to boost your twitter profile.


Part 2: Best Practices for Twitter Business Accounts

Check below for the best practices for twitter accounts on how to build more followers, reputation and customer trust.

Twitter Statistics
Twitter Statistics

YouTube Marketing Guide

How to create successful YouTube Channel
How to advertise on YouTube
How to rank YouTube videos

Top Social Media Marketing Tools


Sendible: It is one of the best social media marketing comprehensive solutions.

IFTTT: A great tool for automating tasks.


Social Media Sites Design Blueprint

Get to know the sizes of images, avatars, banners and headers of your popular social media websites.
Social Media Image Sizes
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