Google Algorithms Timeline - Changes, History and Updates!
From (2000 - 2017) 

For every webmaster or search engine specialist, it is extremely important to know the latest updates in Google's algorithms and understanding the history of Google changes. Google changes its algorithms frequently more than 500 times every year including minor changes. Recording all those changes is an impossible task. However, noting the major changes is possible and highly recommended for any webmaster or marketer.The below clear tabbed timeline will highlight all those changes and algorithms updates based on many trusted sources like Moz, Search Engine Land and of course Google itself.

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2008 Updates

Google Suggest — August 2008

In a major change to their logo-and-a-box home-page Google introduced Suggest, displaying suggested searches in a dropdown below the search box as visitors typed their queries. Suggest would later go on to power Google Instant.

Dewey — April 2008

A large-scale shuffle seemed to occur at the end of March and into early April, but the specifics were unclear. Some suspected Google was pushing its own internal properties, including Google Books, but the evidence of that was limited.