Google Algorithms Timeline - Changes, History and Updates!
From (2000 - 2018) 

For every webmaster or search engine specialist, it is extremely important to know the latest updates in Google's algorithms and understanding the history of Google changes. Google changes its algorithms frequently more than 500 times every year including minor changes. Recording all those changes is an impossible task. However, noting the major changes is possible and highly recommended for any webmaster or marketer.The below clear tabbed timeline will highlight all those changes and algorithms updates based on many trusted sources like Moz, Search Engine Land and of course Google itself.

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2018 Updates

Zero-result SERP Test  —  March 14, 2018

On a small set of Knowledge Cards, including some time/date queries and unit conversion calculators, Google started displaying zero organic results and a "Show all results" button. A week later, Google stopped this test, but we believe it is an important sign of things to come.

"Brackets" Core Update  —  March 8, 2018

Google confirmed a "core" update on March 7th, but volatility spiked as early as March 4th, with a second spike on March 8th, and continued for almost two weeks. This may have been multiple updates or one prolonged, rolling update. The "Brackets" name was coined by Glenn Gabe; no details were provided by Google.