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Are You Still Struggling To Build Your Own Online Business?

Working decently online has never been an easy task. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, product creator or a blog writer, you would mainly need the following:

  • You need a fully functional responsive website.
  • You need to optimize that site properly for search engines.
  • You need to promote and market that website decently.

Without having a good website and driving traffic to it, you won't ever be able to work decently online or replace your daily 9-to-5 job.

For this reason, we have created a complete crash course that will solve all those problems for you. It will teach you how to create your professional website and how to market it properly by following the latest marketing trends and techniques. I wish i had a complete solution like that when i first got started.

Nothing Can Hold You Now From Building Your Own Online Empire

If you ever wanted to become a professional blogger and decent internet marketer, then you have come to the right place. This course is all you need to create your own responsive complete website and become a blogger in your favorite niche.

This crash course will teach you everything you need to know about WordPress, the most popular content management system and blogging platform around the web. You don't need any prior experience or any technical knowledge to take this course. 

It is designed for the absolute beginners. You don't need to know anything about blogging, websites, WordPress or marketing to learn and master this course. It is the best option for non-technical people and everyone who wants to become a successful online entrepreneur.

To make this course complete, we have also included our latest published SEO guides along with our daily updated list of top SEO and marketing tools. This way you will learn properly how to promote your own website after finishing it.

The Best Way To Get Started Online!

This course provides you with everything you need to start your own business, website or blog online. Everything is well explained in a step-by-step fashion throughout those high quality videos. Check below to see what's included in this monster course.

Let's start first by the first module which is the website development tutorials.

Create Your Own Website Quickly and Easily!

  • Learn How To Buy A Domain Name.
  • Learn How To Host Your Website.
  • Learn How To Install WordPress and Setup Your Blog. 
  • Learn How To Add Posts, Pages, Images and Videos To Your Website.
  • Learn How To Customize Your Theme and Edit Your Website.
  • Learn How To Tune The Settings Of Your Blog.
  • Learn How To Manage Users and Permissions.
  • Learn How To Create Galleries and Menus.
  • Learn The Best Ways To Optimize Your Website.
  • Learn The Best Ways To Design and Build Your Own Custom Themes.

3 Amazing Modules Of HD Video Tutorials

+ Free Lifetime Updates!

WordPress Site Creation Tutorials

WordPress Site Creation

Lesson 1: How To Buy A Domain Name

Lesson 2: How To Buy A Web Hosting Account

Lesson 3: Connect Your Domain to a Web Hosting Account

Lesson 4: Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel

Lesson 5: Install WordPress Manually via FTP

Lesson 6: How to Change Permalinks Structure

Lesson 7: How to Write Effective Blog Titles

Lesson 8: How to Create New Posts in WordPress

Lesson 9: How to Create New Pages in WordPress

Lesson 10: How to Install Plugins in WordPress

Lesson 11: How to Install Themes in WordPress

Lesson 12: Format Images Using the Media Manager

Lesson 13: Pinging Your Website and Launching It To Search Engines

Customizing WordPress Tutorials

Customizing WordPress

Lesson 1: Get The New WordPress Blog Ready!

Lesson 2: Control How Visitors Comment

Lesson 3: Understanding Different User Permissions

Lesson 4: Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Lesson 5: Creating Gallery with Media Manager

Lesson 6: Adding HTML Code to the Editor Tab

Lesson 7: How To Use WordPress Widgets Effectively

Lesson 8: Creating and Sorting Navigation Menus

Lesson 9: Activating Your Built-In Theme Editor

Lesson 10: Removing "Powered By WordPress" Sentence From Your Website

WordPress Themes Customization Tutorials

WordPress Themes Customization

Lesson 1: Introduction To WordPress Themes

Lesson 2: Different Types Of Themes

Lesson 3: Planning Your WordPress Layout

Lesson 4: Designing The Layout

Lesson 5: How To Find Theme Designers

Lesson 6: Chop Shop Option #1

Lesson 7: Chop Shop Option #2

Lesson 8: Creating Theme Specifications

Lesson 9: Control Panel Integration

Lesson 10: Choosing The Right WordPress Experts

Lesson 11: Protecting Your WordPress Theme Assets

Lesson 12: Quality Assurance Testing

Lesson 13: Branding and Packaging Your Themes

Lesson 14: Angle Of Selling

Lesson 15: Sales Copywriting

Lesson 16: WordPress Themes Marketing

Lesson 17: Revision and Final Recap

Development Resources

Our Latest WordPress Toolkit

  (Themes & Plugins)  

WordPress Resources Kit

This special WordPress toolkit includes extra resources and recommendations that cover the best WordPress themes and premium plugins. This short reference will help you in picking the right themes and plugins for your website depending on your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1). Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes, this whole crash course is perfect for beginners and those who never had any technical background.

Q2). Do you offer free support?
Of course! It is our duty to help you during your journey and answer any question you might have for free.

Q3). Are you offering free updates to this course?
Absolutely! We'll always update all the provided materials.

Q4). Are there any upsells or additional offers?
There are no additional offers. Everything you need is included in this package.

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